The innovative test-kits from the AMODIA easyFlow® series are able to detect viable microorganisms. Their comfortable and easy-to use handling - the test procedure itself needs only approx. 60 minutes - makes them suitable for hygiene control and microbial quality control. This is achieved by combining robust and easy-to-use lateral-flow dipsticks with the sensitive and highly specific hybridization of nucleic acids.

The test-kits require an enrichment culture to let the microorganisms grow. If this enrichment culture was prepared together with e.g. industrial products, then it is possible to quickly determine, if the product was contaminated with microorganisms.

The viable microorganisms are detected by hybridizing their ribosomal RNA with specific and labeled probes. The so-formed complex allows the stable detection on lateral-flow dipsticks with the naked eye.

Starting with a common enrichment culture the result is ready within 60 min !

Scheme easyFlow® Bacteria
Scheme easyFlow® Bacteria

See the video: Demonstrating the AMODIA easyFlow® Test-Kits


Choose from different tests:

Testing for groups of microorganisms:

or for specific microorganisms:

Take advantage of the easyFlow® kits and speed up your microbial quality control!


  • only viable microorganisms are detected
  • nucleic acid-based method
  • LFD results are easily documentable


  • no expensive equipment required
  • stable results visible with the naked eye
  • no amplification necessary


  • short procedure
  • no extraction
  • specific tests


  • earlier product release
  • no maintenance costs
  • little consumables