The AMODIA easyFlow® Bacteria kit is a compact and simple rapid test which detects viable bacteria from different industrial products. It is fast and easy-to-use as well as unique and reliable.

You define the product volume to analyse: this ensures to comply with future guidelines!

The AMODIA easyFlow® Bacteria is:

  • fast: speeds up microbial control and thus reduces quarantine and storage times
  • unique: gives a stable and documentable result on a lateral-flow strip
  • scalable: culture volume not limited, no minimal number of parallel tests
  • simple: allows a quality control at the production site without trained personnel
  • reliable: is based on detecting nucleic acids
  • future-proof: is prepared for increasing regulatory demands


Art-No. Product Price


AMODIA easyFlow® Bacteria

contains material for 50 detections:
  • 2x vial with 25 Lateral-Flow Dipsticks each
  • Suspension Buffer
  • Hybridization Buffer
  • Probe-Mix
  • Chromatographic Buffer

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