You send in your samples. We identify the present microorganisms. Or we answer other questions, like i.e. regarding the strain identity of two isolates.

For samples from biogas fermenters we offer special services tailored for the needs of biogas plant owners and operators.

These Analysis may confirm or reject a suspicion of microbial induced corrosion (MIC). They are tailored for the needs of authorised experts.

Possible areas of applications are heating and/or cooling systems as well as civil engineering constructiones.

Use our broad selection of development services:

  • molecular test-kits
  • immunological test-kits (ELISA to rapid test)
  • customer-specific adaptions of test systems
  • development of group-specific systems for the Universal Molecular Identification (UMID)
  • adaption of UMID groups to customer demands


Of course we also serve as partner for cooperations as well as research and development projects.

Beyond that we provide consulting services regarding molecular-biological questions.