In order to control biogas plants usually physico-chemical analysis is performed. But the chemical processes in a biogas fermenter are performed by a variety of different microorganisms.

In a research project (FNR: 22005812) we were able to demonstrate that fermenters of biogas plants may be classified according to the composition of methanogenic bacteria (archaea). This classification of biogas fermenters can be correlated with physico-chemical parameters, but goes way beyond.

The composition of methanogenic archaea changes even before this shows up in physico-chemical analysis. An unintended shift of i.e. the hydrogenotrophic towards the acetoclastic methanogenesis  may have a major impact on methane output.

With a classification of your biogas fermenter you and/or your consultant is better prepared on how to react correctly to inhibitions in methane production.

Important: This analysis should be coordinated with the consultant of your biogas plant. It is not intended as a replacement of periodic physico-chemical analysis!