AMODIA offers the development or adaption of specific molecular test-kits for bacteria, fungi or yeast on our lateral-flow dipstick platforms. We develop complete test-kits according to your specifications:

  • for your application
  • for your sample material
  • with or without DNA/RNA extraction
  • if you have sequence data available or not

 So: Simply order a test-kit development.

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Among the already developed test-kits were specific molecular test-kits for bacteria, yeasts or fungi as well as tests for groups of bacteria or fungi. All these test-kits were based on our lateral-flow disticks (LFD), so for the detection step there is no need for special laboratory equipment. This is why our test-kits are especially suited for quality control at the point-of-need.

If you have questions regarding extraction or amplification: Just give us a call!