AMODIA offers  rapid tests in two formats: as so-called "Dipstick" and as "Pouch".

AMODIA has available all the equipment necessary to manufacture lateral-flow strips and the components they comprise of. So we are able to offer a flexible manufacturing of rapid tests in the dipstick format completely at our site. The pouch format requires us to use, at least for the final steps at higher numbers, external service providers.

The differences between the formats are as follows:

With the dipstick format several lateral-flow strips covered with a tape (foil) come in a vial that contains a dessiccant. The assay buffer (chase buffer; chromatographic buffer) for all the strips is provided in a single tube as well, and the operator has to apply it for every run.
So a test-kit in the dipstick format contains material for several reactions. A basic set of laboratory equipment has to be available.

In the pouch format a single lateral-flow strip without tape (foil) comes in a plastic housing, which has an opening for sample application as well as a read-out window above the membrane. Each housing is sealed into a moisture-tight pouch (Aluminium covered plastic bag) together with a small dessiccant bag. The assay buffer (chase buffer; chromatographic buffer) for each test is provided in a small plastic ampule.
So one pouch contains only material for a single detection. But it is immediately ready to operate because all things neccessary to operate the test are provided. This is why this pouch format is suited for home-care diagnostics.

We would be happy to consult you, which format meets your application better.