In many areas the demand rises for tests to be so simple and easy-to-use that a result may be obtained at the point of need. These so-called rapid tests may support ELISA tests.

No matter if you already have ELISA tests established or just have the necessary antibodies: on this basis AMODIA is able to develop a rapid test for you to include in your portfolio.

The test formats ELISA and rapid test have in some respect opposing properties:

ELISA Rapid Test
quantitative qualitative, sometimes threshold value
slow fast
complex simple
requires trained personnel may be operated by untrained personnel
requires laboratory equipment may be operated on-site (mobile)
susceptable robust
expensive cheap


Sometimes there are situations where the ELISA is too laborious, too expensive and/or too slow. If a threshold is enough to trigger a deeper analysis, then a rapid test based on a lateral-flow strip is on display:

Using the rapid tests your customers can increase the number of samples to get earlier notice of deviations. Once this deviation is detected, these samples can be analysed in more detail and more thoroughly with the ELISA test.

You will not only sell the rapid tests but also higher numbers of ELISA tests.

We assist you with the transformation of an established ELISA test into a lateral-flow format. Get in contact with us!