The starter package easyStart contains all materials and devices necessary to use the innovative test-kits of the AMODIA easyFlow® series.


Starter package easyStart

It contains:

Test-kits Devices Material
  • 1x incubator
  • 1x mini centrifuge
  • 1x programmable thermal block (pre-installed program)
  • 3x pipettes with variable volumes (20µl, 200µl, 1000µl)
  • 1x rack for liquid culture tubes
  • 1x rack for reaction tubes
  • 1x rack for PCR tubes
  • 1x Eugon LT broth liquid culture tubes (100x 9ml)
  • 100x reaction tubes 1,5ml
  • 2x 96 PCR tubes
  • 3x 96 pipette tips 2-200µl
  • 2x 96 pipette tips 50-1000µl
  • 2x microplates (to develop the LFDs)


You can get this starter package for a price of 2.500€ plus VAT and transport ("ex-works").

Microbial quality control has never been easier!