The AMODIA DetectLine Basic kit provides a detection platform for the development of rapid tests which are able to detect one double-labeled molecule. The labels used are open and freely available.

The 4mm wide lateral-flow dipstick (LFD) has 2 lines:the lower detection or target line accumulates molecules labeled with biotin and  FITC (or FAM). The upper line acts as assay control, because it binds to the label conjugated at the gold nano particles.

Possible areas of application are e.g. detecting an amplification product without inhibition control, or the detection of an antigen.

The AMODIA DetectLine Basic kit is:

  • fast: after applying the sample the LFD develops within approx. 10-15 minutes
  • robust: the result on the LFD is visible with the naked eye, remains stable and so allows an easy documentation
  • scalable: no required minimum number of LFDs per run


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AMODIA DetectLine Basic

contains material for 100 reactions:
  • 4x vial with 25 Lateral-Flow Dipsticks each
  • 2x Chromatographic Buffer

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175,00 €


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