Questions and answers regarding sample shipment you will find here.


Which cultures may be sent for analysis ?

We prefer pure cultures on agar plates. Nevertheless, other cultivation methods as membrane filters, agar slants, liquid cultures or glycerin stocks are also possible for direct analysis.

Please send liquid or glycerin cultures only if you are sure that it is a pure culture. A sub-cultivation causes extra costs and time for the analysis.

The cultures should be not too old, i.e. not grown too much. A single colony is often enough for the analysis.


How should the isolates be prepared ?

Please label your samples with a unique identification. If there are different colonies on the plate, please indicate which colony (or colonies) should be identified. Add an order form to your samples (here you can find an example).


When and how do I get the report on the results ?

The standard identification requires 3-4 working days after sample reception.

Preferably we send the report on the results as PDF document by e-mail. If you would like to receive a printout copy instead or additionally, we send it as well.


What information is in the report ?

Our standard report lists the name of identified species (or closest relative) and the homology with the sequence from the database (number of matching bases; score in percent).
If several species with identical score are identified, all these species are listed.
Please note that a double-stranded sequencing allows a better matching than a single-stranded sequencing.

On request we can provide additional information with the report, e.g. biosafety level, taxonomical classification of the species, etc.


May I send a single sample ?

Yes, but for the analysis of a single sample we charge a small volume markup of 20,- EUR.


What are the costs of the different analysis ?

You find our price list here. With high sample numbers or regular analyses we offer individual quotations.


And if there still are questions ?

Our team of skilled and experienced microbiologists is just a phone call away !