Identifying the most prominent bacterium in a washing maschine.

The figure shows a gel which is generated during the first step of UMID, called "screening".

Screening of a washing maschine

Every lane relates to a sample taken from different locations. Each band in a lane contains DNA of identical sequence. So different bands contain DNA with different sequences, thus different species.

Even on the screening gel it is possible to identify the different amounts of DNA of the different species by the different stainings of the bands: the darker the more DNA, thus the more prominent the species.

After this step our customers are able to select the bands of their interest. Only these are identified.

Some bands are indexed, and labeled with their identification, which was determined in the second step of UMID. In this example the species Ochrobactrum anthropi was identified as the most prominent bacterium, present in the biofilm at the lint filter (third lane from the right).