Identification of Isolates

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You just send us your isolated pure culture (bacteria, yeast, mould), and we identify the species by molecular-biological methods.

So: Simply send isolates

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Strain-typing of Isolates

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Strain typing of isolates allows to compare and differentiate strains of the same species. For this purpose we use specific PCR techniques.

Typical applications for strain typing are:

  • confirming the identity of production strains
  • confirming the identity of reference strains
  • identifying the source(s) of contaminating microorganisms
  • grouping of isolates / phylogenetic analysis

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Universal Molecular Identification

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The Universal Molecular Identification allows the detection of microorganisms present in a sample. The detection is independent of culturing, thus offering a direct semi-quantitative view of the microbial community at a certain point in time.

This approach has many advantages:

  • all microorganisms in the sample may be identified
  • the identification occurs without the requirement of preceeding knowledge about the type of microorganisms
  • no distraction or influence of the microbial community by the type of culturing
  • unknown contaminatiing microorganisms may be classified

AMODIA offers several different variations of universal and group-specific analysis.

The technique allows to identify microbial contaminations. It can be used as a starting point for the development of a detection system for that microorganism.

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Development of Customer-specific Test-kits

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AMODIA offers the development or adaption of specific test-kits for bacteria, fungi or yeast on our lateral-flow dipstick platforms. We develop complete test-kits according to your specifications:

  • for your application
  • for your sample material
  • with or without DNA/RNA extraction
  • if you have sequence data available or not


So: Simply order a test-kit development.

Get in contact with us.



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We will be happy to advise you on molecular biological questions, experimental setup or sample collection procedures.